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Скачать программу Total Recorder Pro 8.4 Build 4930 + Ключ активации

Автор: ukegjq от 18-10-2012, 13:07
Здравствуйте, уважаемый посетитель! С этой страницы вы можете скачать Total Recorder Pro 8.4 Build 4930 с ключом для Windows 7, 8 и 10.

Этот файл размещен для скачивания не через торрент, а через файловые обменники. Как скачивать программы с файлообменников бесплатно или без ограничения скорости и по прямой ссылке на свой компьютер, смотрите в нашем FAQ.
Данный материал предоставлен порталом FreshProgs.ru исключительно в ознакомительных целях. Администрация не несет ответственности за его содержимое.

Total Recorder Pro 8.4 Build 4930
Информация о Софте
Название: Total Recorder Pro 8.4 Build 4930
Категория: Мультимедиа
Разработчик: http://www.totalrecorder.com/downloads.htm
Год выпуска: 2012
Размер файла: 5.27 Mb
Залито на: LetItBit.net | TurboBit.net | DepositFiles.com

О программе:
Total Recorder - программа для записи звука с любого источника - линейного входа, CD, DVD, микрофона. Total Recorder умеет вести запись телефонных бесед через инет или интернет-радиостанций (кстати, две последние опции встречаются в подобных программах крайне редко). Естественно, Total Recorder может записывать и все, что проигрывается медиаплеерами - RealPlayer, Windows Media Player, Quick Time, WinAmp или любым другим. Запись звука происходит в WAV или сразу в mp3-файлы; есть встроенный планировщик заданий и даже такая опция, как конвертация "старых" аудиофайлов (вроде .*AU) в WAVE для их дальнейшего преобразования в mp3. Можно записать практически все, что душе угодно (и не только ).

Total Recorder Pro is a software designed for recording, processing, converting and playing audio and video files.

It supports several file formats, including MP3, FLAC, AAC, 3GP, AVI, WMV, FLV and MOV.

With this tool, you can record sound that is reproduced by an audio player, Internet telephony, sound from a microphone, line-in or from a CD/DVD, a MIDI stream, record video from devices, as well as capture and record video from a screen (full screen, region or window).

Furthermore, you can save part of a file or a recording, encode audio and video files, use splitting mode, schedule a task, import and export scheduled tasks, create and edit ID3 tags.

But you can also use "Boundary Click Suppression", repair MP3 files, create and organize playlists and favorites, batch process files and install add-ons.

In addition, Total Recorder Pro lets you apply an equalizer, normalize recordings, apply fading effects, perform mixing functions, enhance the quality of recordings (tape or vinyl), and more. The interface can be customized according to viewing mode and skin.

The program use a moderate amount of system memory, comes with an extensive help file and didn't freeze or crash during our tests. Too bad the demo version has limitations (as you can see by reading the Product Description below).

Unfortunately, first-time users would have a hard time learning its tips and tricks, so we mainly recommend Total Recorder Pro to experts, thanks to its powerful features.

Here are some key features of "Total Recorder Pro":

· Record directly in any supported sound format. PCM, MP3, WMA, Ogg Vorbis, FLAC, APE and any format provided by a system codec are supported. Under Windows 7 AAC Audio within MOV (for playback only), MPEG-4, and 3GP containers is also supported. In addition Professional Edition provides support for a number of high-quality stereo formats (PCM - up to 192kHz 24bit and float, FLAC - up to 192kHz 24bit, WMA Lossless - up to 96kHz 24bit, and formats provided by the Windows Media Audio Professional codec). For more information, see the Selecting an Optimal Recording Format Tutorial
· Capture streaming audio or record local audio files reproduced by other programs, such as RealPlayer, Windows Media Player, iTunes, Musicmatch Jukebox, WinAmp, and others. These recordings are performed without the need for special lines for your sound board and without a loss of quality due to redundant conversions from digital to analog to digital. Many additional options are available. For example, you can use accelerated recording to increase the recording speed or you can choose to suppress Internet transmission gaps. For more information, see the Recording an Internet Broadcast Tutorial
· Record any sound passing through any line of your sound card with the ability to listen to audio being captured. For example, you can record sound being played back by an external program, or sound from a microphone, an external LP, cassette, CD/DVD player, AM/FM/Satellite radio, etc. For more information, see the Recording from an External Device tutorial
· Use Total Recorder as a VoIP recorder to record both parties of a VoIP (Voice over IP) calls or an Internet-telephony conversation when using programs like Skype, Google Talk, Yahoo voice, MSN, etc. For more information, see the Recording VoIP Calls and Internet-telephony Conversations Tutorial
· Convert files to any supported format (including on the fly converting while recording). For more information, see the Sound Format Conversion Tutorial.
· Edit sound files using a built-in sound editor. This built-in sound editor allows you to cut, trim, and join your recordings. Editing can be performed using a visual representation of the sound or using clipboard operations. All editing functions are performed without decompressing/recompressing to preserve sound quality and save time.
· Use the time shift feature to listen to the recorded sound while a recording is being made. While listening, you can move anywhere within the recorded part of the sound stream and start playback. recording
· Split recordings on separate clips. You can indicate that the sound being recorded will be split on separate clips during the recording. File tags can be created automatically.
· Split recordings on separate files. You can indicate that the sound being recorded will be split into separate files during recording based on different conditions (size, duration, low sound level, etc.). Splitting an existing recording can also be done. For more information, see the Splitting and Tagging Files Tutorial.
· Use Cue-sheet files. Total Recorder lets you create cue-points, which can be used for splitting a file afterwards. These cue-points can be created manually, for example to make a bookmark in a sound file. Or they can be created automatically during a recording session (based on pause reduction, changes of the clip information in an external player, etc.) or while capturing streaming audio and information about a track changes.
· Create and edit file tags. Total Recorder can work with file tags for any of the supported media formats. Tags can also include artwork and the recording's start time with the ability to display this timestamp.
· Play a media file at a slower or faster speed than normal while optionally preserving the original tone.
· Schedule playbacks or recordings using Total Recorder's powerful built-in scheduler. For example, you can schedule a recording and use a stop condition such as an absolute time, a duration, the absence of a sound signal, and so on. The scheduler includes many other options. For more information, see Using the Scheduler Tutorial.
· Normalize recordings to adjust the level of sound. Normalization of MP3 files is performed without re-encoding or any loss of quality.

What's new in Total Recorder Pro 8.4 Build 4930 (October 18th, 2012):

· Total Recorder is compatible with Windows 8 now.
· In addition to normalization of a full file, now it is possible to normalize a selection.
· Ability to edit recent URL list.
· Other minor enhancements.

Total Recorder Pro 8.4 Build 4930

О файле:
Активация|рег код: Keygen-Lz0
Язык Интерфейса: English
Формат файла: rar
Платформа/ОС: Windows® XP/Vista/7

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