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Скачать программу Whos On My WiFi v2.1.3 Rus + Ключ активации

Автор: ukegjq от 17-01-2013, 07:39
Здравствуйте, уважаемый посетитель! С этой страницы вы можете скачать Whos On My WiFi v2.1.3 Rus с ключом на русском языке для Windows 7 и 10.

Этот файл размещен для скачивания не через торрент, а через файловые обменники. Как скачать бесплатно программу с любого файлообменника по прямой ссылке на ваш ПК, смотрите в нашем FAQ.

Whos On My WiFi v2.1.3 Rus
Информация о Софте
Название: Whos On My WiFi v2.1.3 + Rus
Категория: Интернет
Разработчик: http://www.whoisonmywifi.com/
Год выпуска: 2013
Размер файла: 5.03 Mb
Залито на: LetItBit.net | TurboBit.net | DepositFiles.com

О программе:
Who Is On My Wifi - Это инструмент для сканирование Wifi сетей на наличие злоумышленников и неопознанных ПК с вашей внутренней сети. Утилита покажет вам каждый компьютер в сети, и предупреждает вас если он обнаруживает компьютер который он не признает.Программа позволит вам защитить свою сеть от падения скорости интернета,злоумышленников и компьютеров которым вы не разрешали использовать ваше подключение.

Are People On Your Network Right Now?If you’ve stumbled across this site, chances are that you’re concerned about how secure your wireless network really is. You might even be concerned that someone you don’t know is connected to your network this very minute.

The problem is you can’t see a wireless network. You can’t touch it. And you can’t know who is connected to it without some help.

But there is a way to be 100% certain that no one is on your Wireless Network but the computers and devices that you want to be on it…

It’s like they say “Trust but Verify”.

At this point, I hope you see the true value in verifying who has been connecting to your network.

I know when I first ran the software on my own machine, I kept expecting that someone I didn’t know would connect any minute.

I have to admit that I was pleasantly surprised.

I run WPA2 on my wireless network, and in the 6 months that I’ve been running this software, I’ve only seen 1 person connect to my network that I wasn’t aware of. And that was my wife who plugged her new computer directly into the Wireless Router without telling me about it.

For about the same price as a DVD or BluRay disc, you can have the piece of mind that your network is safe.

What's New in This Release:


This one has been a long time in the making. We have released a blocking feature in the software. So, now, when you see an intruder on your network that has been detected by Who’s On My Wifi, you have the ability to block them. What this will basically do is cut them off from the internet so they would just choose to connect to someone else’s wireless.

There is a lot to blocking, so there were several smaller changes that also went out in the software to handle blocking. For instance, we added a separate Block log on the Main screen that shows you all of the blocking packets being sent to the intruder. The status on the bottom left has been changed so that when blocking is happening, you are notified about it. As well as updates to the help section, and all of the underlying code and settings changes that made this all possible.

We’re very proud of this, and we hope you like it.

Again, remember, to use this feature safely and only on your own network because it can be easily traced back to you if you block someone on a network that you do not own.

And as always, if you experience any bugs with this new version of the software, please contact us at support at io3o.com

Setup Wizard:

This is the other major feature that we are very proud of from this release. One of the biggest complaints we kept hearing was that people didn’t understand exactly what the software did. Many people thought it was just a manual ARP scanning tool, and were confused by and a little bit angry that it kept loading on startup. We’re hoping the Setup Wizard helps explain a little bit better what the software does and helps people get up and running.

What's new in Who Is On My Wifi 2.1.3:
Bug Fixes:

Status Page IP Range bug cleanup
It was pointed out to us that the IP Range on the Home Page under Scan Status was incorrect. No matter what IP Range was setup under the Settings->Scan Options, this was always showing as This appeared to be a bug from we started allowing multiple IP Ranges some months ago, and we never caught it. So, this was fixed. If you have 1 IP Range in your settings, it will now show this IP Range on the Home screen. If you have multiple IP Ranges, it will just say “Multiple”.

Scan Options IP Range bug cleanup
This was a bit more serious bug. It appears as though prior to our latest release, if you added multiple IP Ranges in the Settings->Scan Options section, when you tried to Clear the IP Ranges, they would disappear, but then re-appear after restarting the software. This didn’t affect many users because most only use a single subnet, or they would simply Edit the additional subnet to have a very limited IP Range, but it definitely would cause some confusion on certain user’s scans. So, this has now been fixed.

О файле:
Активация|рег код: Keygen-BRD
Язык Интерфейса: English + Rus
Формат файла: rar
Платформа/ОС: Windows® XP/Vista/7/8

Скачать Whos On My WiFi v2.1.3 Rus - [5.03 Mb]:
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